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Home Learning Links

P.E - ASM is the P.E provider that we use in school. They have put together a series of videos to bring P.E to your doorstep for children to practice a range of skills. They are continuing to add new videos each week to use. Click the link below to access these with the P.E teachers that the pupils are familiar with.

Math Games: Top Marks has a wide range of fun games for children to practice their maths. Just select the maths focus at the top to find relevant games.

BBC Bitesize is producing daily lessons for each year group based on each subject. The Oak National Academy is a new government backed website which is providing daily online lessons for each subject. 

Maths - White Rose Maths is a government recommended website for maths learning. They are providing high quality maths videos and worksheets to fit the curriculum for each year group, daily.

Science - These websites  have lots of ideas for science experiments to try at home.

Coding: Here are some fun games to help to introduce coding at home.