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Themed Days 

Cookery Skills (2021) 

In July, all of the children worked together in house teams to practice our cookery skills. We discussed all of the different cooking equipment we can use and what they are used for. We then worked together to make salt dough and pancakes, practicing our measuring, rolling and  cutting skills.

Memory Boxes (2021) 

The children have been bringing in their lovely memory boxes as part of our memory topic. Throughout the week, the teachers shared their own  memory boxes in our daily worships. On Friday, we created  box exhibit in the hall with all of the children's memory boxes.We all had a chance to see everybodies memory boxes and discuss them.

memory boxes.PNG

Brilliant Brains (2021) 

In June, the children spent the morning learning all about our brilliant brains.They learnt about the hippo campus where all our memories are stored, the cerebellum part of the brain that helps us to move, the pre frontal cortex which controls our behaviour, personality and decision making and the cerebrum which helps us to think and speak and the amygdala which controls our emotions.They donned their Science lab coats to undertake various brain experiments (not real brains!) They discovered that the brain weighs three cans of beans, they did a brain quiz and made brain hats.A fun morning was had by all and the children learnt some interesting brain facts!

brilliant brains.PNG

World Book Day (2020)

For world book day, we focused on the story of Zog to fit in with our whole school dragons and castles theme. Throughout the day, we brought the story and the characters to life. We all dressed in  our pjamas or as a dragon and listened to the story aswell as having dragon training lessons.

Careers Day (2020)

On Tuesday, 3rd March 2020, we held a careers day. During the day we had visits from lots of different people who have different jobs. These included, a fireman, nurse, hairdresser, author, vet, a geologist and police officer. Each of them talked about what they do in their jobs and what we have to do to become on of them. After this, we researched the different jobs that we want to do when we are older to help us to know how to get there.

Chinese New Year (2020)

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Flickers class were involved in lots of activities all to do with China. 

These included;

 - Looking at the Story of Chinese New year and ordering the animals in the race.

- Tasting Chinese food.

- Making Chinese lanterns.

Keeping Ourselves Safe Day (2020)

On Tuesday  28th January, the whole of our school focused on learning about how we can keep ourselves safe. Throughout the day we participated in lots of activities to remind us how to keep ourselves safe in our daily life. The activities included;

* Road Safety - activities and walk

* NSPCC Visit

* Esafety - Keeping safe online.

* Stranger Danger

* Drugs awareness

Times Table Rockstars Day (2019)

To launch the use of Timestable Rock stars in school, during the Autumn term, we dressed up as rockstars to participate in a day of times table themed activities.

Mental Health Awareness Day (2019)

On this day, we learnt all about how important it is to look after your mental health as well as your physical health. We started the day by joining in with Joe Wicks live as we had discussed the benefit that exercise has on your mind.  Throughout the day, we discussed lots more strategies to help to ensure that we looked after our mental health.

As a school, we wore yellow to represent our support for those suffering with mental health.

Mental health awareness day also saw the introduction of the newest members of our school family, Toffee and Marshmellow. The friendly guinea pigs were introduced to help children in the school who may be feeling worried or anxious at home or at school to encourage them to open up and to help them to take their mind off things, having something to love and care for. During the day, we created instructions on how to look after and care for the guinea pigs. 

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