Year 4 Transition to Middle School 

There are two middle school in the town of Leek that our pupils have the choice to transition to, Churnet View Middle School and St Edwards CE Academy.  Some of our pupils also choose to go further afield.  Pupils use bus transport to get to school from the village of Ipstones and other villages. 

Both schools have a comprehensive program of transition events to help pupils prepare for the next stage in their Education.

Click on the links below to look at the school websites and find out more.

During this period of school closure, due to COVID-19, and social distancing, should schools re-open before the summer holidays, transition visits to the Middle schools in their usual form will not be able to take place. 

The Middle schools are working hard to develop an alternative approach to transition alongside the First Schools to reassure both parents and pupils at this anxious time.  Please continue to use this page to keep up to date with any new developments regarding transition for your children. 

How do I get ready for Middle School?

Top 10 tips from some of our pupils who have made this transition.

1.   Gain independence

Ask your parents what tasks you can do to help you with this, such as visiting the local shop.

2.   Get organised

Pack your bag for school each day without help. You will have lots of things to remember each day.

3.   Practice map reading

This will help you to help find your way around the school.

4.   Try going on a bus

If you will be travelling to school this way, it will help you to know what to do.

5.   Share your worries

Talking about them makes you feel better.

6.   Always ask for help if you need it.

There will always be someone you can go to for help including the older St Leonard's children that you already know.

7.   Be yourself

You will be able to make lots of new friends at Middle School, be brave enough to do this.

8.   Work hard

Show your new teachers what you can do!

9.   Responsibilities

Take on responsibilities at Middle School. Be  enthusiastic!

10.  Celebrate the talents

You have gained so many at St Leonard's, let them shine at  Middle School.