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Click here to read about how we teach phonics and reading at St. Leonard's First School.

Reading at St Leonard's

Here, at St Leonard's we aim to provide a reading curriculum which is inspiring, varied and  accessible, and promotes a lifelong love of reading.
In our English lessons, we use high quality texts to engage children and to develop a range of reading skills through a variety of tasks. 
We use whole class guided reading to develop a range of reading skills using VIPERS and to enable all children to access appropriate but challenging texts. 
KS1 home reading chart
KS2 accelerated reader leader board.

Reading Scheme
At St Leonard's, we have devised our own  reading scheme which reflects the level of phonetic knowledge required to read the book and also the reading skills needed to understand it. 

We have recently revamped the books in our scheme to include a range of fiction and non-fiction texts from a variety of authors,which reflect the interests of our children. These include David Walliams' books, National Geographic and animal themed books.

In School, we also use accelerated reader linked to the reading books to assess a child's understanding of the book they have read. This allows us to monitor the progress of the children as well as other assessments in school.

The children have loved searching for hidden books around the village. 

Where do we read?

We read everywhere!
Outside, in the shed
In our library
In the bath
On a bike
In the book corner

Ipstones' Look for a Book

They have been reading them and then hiding them for the next child to find and enjoy.
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