Mathematics at St Leonard's

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At St Leonard's, we aim to make sure that by the time children leave us in year 4,  they have developed a range of mathematical skills. They will be fluent in all aspects of the mathematics curriculum, and be able to reason and problem solve in a range of contexts. 

To do this, in maths lessons, our pupils are exposed to a range of questions which develop these skills and show them in a range of different ways. This will ensure that children master concepts and can apply these in a range of real life contexts.

To do this, we have introduced three characters, which you will see in our classrooms and in our books.  These skills are embedded into our teaching and children are expected to reason their answers and explain their methods and understanding in lessons.We have an expectation that all children will use the key mathematical vocabulary during every maths lesson.

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To develop a firm understanding of concepts, we use a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to ensure a deep level of understanding. Children begin by exploring new concepts practically using mathematical apparatus. Once they are confident with this and have developed a clear understanding, they progress onto pictorial methods before finally being exposed to more formal, written methods. This approach ensures that misconceptions are identified and addressed early on.

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Each day, the children complete a Fantastic 4. They have four fluency based questions. The aim of this is to ensure that all children become fluent in mathematical methods through repetition, ensuring that concepts are frequently revisited throughout the year.

At St Leonard's, we value the importance of child's times table knowledge and fluency, recognising it as  valuable life skill and being crucial to securing knowledge and skills in other aspects of the maths curriculum.

To help to develop this skill, we engage the children in a variety of activities from KS1 upwards to improve their fluency. These include, rapid recall, weekly rainbow tests, games and the use of Times Table Rockstars.

Our TT Rockstars launch day.

From 2020, children in year 4 will take a statutory timestable test at the end of the year. This will involve timed questions involving all times table facts up to x12. 

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