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Daily Worship


At St. Leonard’s CE (VA) First School, collective worship is an integral part of school routines and life. It offers the whole school community opportunities to experience participate in and take responsibility for living expression of Christian worship; valued and honoured through the school’s Anglican Foundation as in the Trust Deed.

Through our worship we aim to create a happy, caring and disciplined environment for our children within which they can develop their spirituality, honesty, integrity, uniqueness and self-esteem. As a church school we strongly promote the biblical gospel values based on Christian Belief – love, care, respect and tolerance. We actively encourage these values in our school family through daily acts of worship.

We aim to ensure the children in our care are well prepared to face the challenges of an ever-changing world. It is our belief that this can be achieved through a strong partnership between children, their parents, the school, the church and the wider community.

We aim to encourage the children to develop their spirituality and their knowledge, understanding and belief in God, the divine ruler of the world.


Monday        9.10    (20 mins)    Whole school    'Wake up worship' Led by clergy or Headteacher - Formal style


Tuesday       9.10    (20 mins)    Whole school     'Worship for wisdom'based on other cultures or learning behaviours 

Wednesday  9.10    (20 mins)    Whole school     'Song and Praise' or Christian Aid visitor worship

Thursday     9.10    (20 mins)    Whole school      Worship council led – circle time worship


Friday          9.10    (20 mins)    Whole school     'Worship for well-being' - Celebration circle time worship – all staff.

Our Worship Timetable

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