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A guide to Seesaw and Mircorosft Teams

The main differences are as follows ;

Family App - The parent can message the teacher directly is you have any issues. You can see the work that the teacher is setting for your child (not the set activities on the activities tab)  and you can comment on  posts. However, you cannot upload children's work.

The class app is intended for use tin the classroom. However, due to Covid 19 , we are diversifying this to use at home so that the children can respond to activities and work set by their teacher and upload the work they are completing at home. The child, cannot message their teacher.

This video explains the difference between the family and class apps for Seesaw. 


Microsoft Teams 

This video explains how to access Microsoft Teams both online and on the downloaded App and how to join a video call with your teacher.

How to blur your background in teams.

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