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Whole School Topics 


This year, at St Leonard's, we have tailored our curriculum to the needs and interests of our children and the local area that they live in.

Autumn - Fabulous Farming

In Ipstones and the surrounding area, farming is a significant part of the community, with some of the children living on farms themselves. This makes farming a possible career path for  many of our pupils.
During this topic, the children explored what it takes to be a farmer, the types of farms and why we have different types of farming around the UK and why farming is so important and lots more.
Take a look at what we have been getting up to below.

During Welly Wednesday, we collected Autumnal leaves to create a natural tractor picture.


During their English lessons, Flames class focused on the book 'Charlotte's Webb'. The children wrote diary entries and setting descriptions.


During their English lessons, Sparks class focused on the book 'Click Clack Moo'. The children rewrote the story and Wrote letters to the farmer.

elodie writing.PNG

During our visit to Crabtree farm, we met the farmers who told us how the farm was run an we saw a milking robot in action.

In Flames class, we learnt about food miles and the importance of shopping locally. We wrote persuasive leaflets to encourage people in the village to shop local. This piece was written by Elodie (Yr4) and typed up onto the computer.

When Tillie (a farmer) came to visit us, we learnt about the different types of farming and why farmers are so important. She also told us what skills we needed to be a farmer and how milk and grass are turned into products.

Spring  1- Our Wonderful World

At St Leonard's we are very thankful for the beautiful world that we live in but we are also aware of the damage that can be caused to our planet if we do not look after it properly.
Looking after our planet is the responsibility of all of us, especially this generation as it is their future. This topic has encouraged all of the children to become climate warriors!
During this topic, we have delved into the human actions which are devastating the world we live in.
Take a look at what we have been getting up to below.

During this topic, Flames class were inspired by the Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunburg. We learnt about her life and what she has been doing to stop climate change before writing a biography about her.

After learning about the cost of recycling at school, we wrote to our local MP to share our concerns about climate change and that we wanted this sevrice to be free.

download (1).jfif

A letter to our local MP written by Amelia (Yr3).


During our enrichment afternoons, Mrs Stanesby's group have been looking after our village and litter picking.

Mrs Goldstraw has been teaching us how to make objects by recycling everyday objects.


Spring  2- Dragons and Castles

During Spring 2, we wanted to answer the question 'Do dragons really live in castles?' KS1 learnt all about castles, castles from the past and the different parts of a castle. In particular, they began to look at a local castle, Alton Castle. At the start of our topic, we were extremely chocked when we found 2 dragon eggs on our school field. As a result, we set up secret cameras to capture what had left them there. We were vey lucky to capture some great footage.

After discovering our eggs, we went on a hunt to find evidence and clues that the animal that left them there might have left so that we could find out what it was. We took DNA swabs and sent them off to the police to analyse. Here is the letter we received back naming the as the eggs of 'The Great Azure Ossiryss'.

Dragon Footage 1

Dragon Footage 1

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