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School Trips 2019/2020

Derby Faith Trail

In September, we went on the Derby Faith Trail. During the day, we visited the places of worship of people from different religions and learnt about their different faiths (Sikh, Hindu and Muslim). 

Crabtree Farm

After learning all about farming in our whole school topic in the Autumn  term, we visited a local farm to see how a farm was run. At Crabtree farm, they are one of the only farms in the area to have a robot which assists with the milking of the cows. On our visit, we watched how this worked and talked to the farmer about their daily jobs on the farm.

Adventure Farm

Christmas came early at St Leonard's when we visited the adventure farm for the North Pole experience. During the day, we saw different farm animals before being transported to the North Pole via a secret portal to see Santa and his elves (It was magical to say the least!).

Macclesfield Silk Mill - Egyptians

On Thursday 13th February, Flames class visited the Silk Museum in Macclesfield for an Egyptian experience. In the Spring term, we learnt about the Egyptians so here, we were very lucky to see real life artifacts collected by Marrianne Brocklehurst, who was a local historian fro Macclesfield who lived during the Victorian times. During our visit, we were guided though the artifacts by Marrianne herself, we decorated symmetrical Anubis head masks and we organised an Egyptian artifacts display. Our favourite part was seeing a real life Mummy case and mummified objects. 

Visitors to School 2019/2020

NSPCC (2020)


During  our Keeping Ourselves Safe day, in February, we had a visit from a lady from the NSPCC. She spoke yo us about their service and how we can speak to them if we have any worries. She taught us a dance to help us to remember their phone number if we ever need it.

Tillie - Farming (2019)

On 5th November, while out whole school topic was farming, we had a visit from Tillie, who works on a farm. She came to talk to us about the role of farming in our society and how important it is. She also discussed all of the different skills that farmers need. During her visit, she showed us some of the products farmers make, the different stages of milk production and also the tools and technology that they use on their farm.

Stoke City Football club (2019)


On 16th October, we were visited by a member from Stoke City Football club. He cam to speak to us about the club and the work that they do in the community and with Children. The year 2 children were very lucky to have been given a free goody bag and free tickets to a match. 

'Batman' (2019)

During the summer holiday, our school caretaker found a surprising guest in our school hall. She discovered a bat. Due to the bat being unable to fly, she called the 'Batman' who takes care of poorly bats to collect and take care of it. When we returned back to school, in September, he came to visit us with some of the bats.

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